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"I just got schooled by APM, and that’s exactly what I was looking for! I’ve heard and been told so many different things over the years I’d confused myself. Kevin and Clint gave me a clear understanding of precious metals purchased through an IRA, 401k, and with cash. You couldn’t ask for a more straightforward presentation and Q&A in a short amount of time.”

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"Augusta Precious Metals is the company to go to when it comes to customer service and gold IRAs. Their staff is honest, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and well informed.”

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"In this time of historic, unprecedented uncertainly, there is one place you can find lasting value - precious metals…[Augusta Precious Metals] are knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and responsive. You would do well to consider this unparalleled opportunity with a wonderful company."

Learn How to Add Silver to Your IRA or 401(k) in 3 Easy Steps

Here at Augusta Precious Metals, helping you protect your retirement is our top priority. Our trusted IRA professionals will teach and guide you through each step of opening a silver IRA via phone or online!


We'll help you set up your account where you can transfer or roll over funds from other retirement accounts.


We’ll convert your funds into the precious metals of your choice.


We’ll provide free shipping of your precious metals and deliver your assets to secure storage.

A Safe, Accredited Business:


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What is a gold or silver IRA?


A gold or silver IRA allows you to buy IRS-approved physical gold or silver within a tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account. Your metals are stored in a highly secure, insured depository for safekeeping. Augusta Precious Metals walks you through the few, easy steps required to open the account. We help you go through the required forms and help you initiate the simple process to fund your new precious metal IRA.

Is it difficult to liquidate a silver IRA?


Not at all. It’s easy to arrange a full or partial distribution – in either metals or cash – from your silver IRA.

  • We can withdraw metals on your behalf and wire the cash to your custodian and they will transfer funds to you.
  • You can request shipment of metals directly to you through your custodian.
  • You can coordinate with your custodian to pick up the metals at the storage facility for distribution.

Remember, any early IRA distribution may result in taxes and penalties unless rolled over to another qualified account. Consult your tax advisor before making any withdrawals from a silver IRA.

Can I roll over my current IRA, 401(k) or other retirement savings into a silver IRA?


Yes, you can roll over funds from your traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) to your gold or silver IRA. That’s commonly how gold IRAs are funded. Augusta provides you with the information and assistance you’ll need to make the rollover process smooth and worry-free.

Is the silver in my IRA ever subject to any risks stemming from the financial condition of the depository?


Your precious metals are stored fully allocated and off-balance-sheet at the depository. This means your gold and silver remains entirely separate from assets and liabilities of the depository. In the highly unlikely event a depository declares bankruptcy, creditors would have no claim to your metals.

What are the benefits of buying gold or silver within an IRA?


Precious metals are known as an asset that through history often has provided a diversifying factor during periods of economic and geopolitical stress. Gold and silver both have performed well during some economic upheavals. And they have never been worth zero, because physical metals have intrinsic value.

*Past customers received silver coins as a thank-you for their reviews. Joe Montana is a customer and paid ambassador for Augusta.

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